My name is Leslie Rewis. I am a certified educator with 4 years of experience teaching English and information literacy classes at the college level, and 3 years of experience practicing fertility awareness. I am certified through NFPTA and in training with Billings.

This is me!

I teach live online fertility awareness based method classes in the Billings Ovulation Method (mucus/sensation only) and in the double check sympto-thermal method (temperature & cervical mucus/sensation). I’ve practiced charting myself since January 2017, and I currently work full time as a librarian. I have a special interest in helping folks chart to avoid. Your partner is always welcome to attend my class with you at no additional charge. Reach out to me to see if I can help you in your charting journey!

My sympto-thermal classes are completely secular, but my Billings Ovulation Method class is approved for marriage prep for Catholic couples (a secular version of this class is also available)! I am accepting of all faiths and backgrounds in my work.