An Honest Review of Proov Progesterone Tests

Note: I use a fertility awareness based method known as the sympto-thermal method with additional hormonal crosschecks to avoid pregnancy. The product can be used for both trying to conceive and crosschecking with a standard fertility awareness based methods for avoiding pregnancy.

Interested in testing your progesterone at home?

Proov tests check levels of the hormone progesterone in the urine. We produce this hormone after ovulation. If you are a fertility awareness charter, you can use these tests to double check that ovulation has occured along with your other fertility signs. The pictures below are of my cycles and when I got positive Proov tests relative to my fertility signs.

In this photo, I had a postive LH / OPK (luteinizing hormone). The next day I had a positive FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) test, shown as ferning in the photo. Following that, I had positive Proov progesterone tests at peak + 4, +6, +8.
Another example. Top row: LH. Middle row: FSG. Bottom row: Proov Progesterone

My most common day to get my first positive is around first positive LH + 4 or 5. I love having Proov as a crosscheck so that I can have an extra way to confirm ovulation. I like having a ton of data in my fertility awareness routine. While there is currently no official protocol for confirming with Proov tests (I have heard Marquette has loose guidelines), there have not been known cases of false positives. You should still rely on your fertility signs in your rules while using Proov.

For those trying to conceive, the tests can be used around 7 to 10 days post ovulation (counting from peak day, temperature shift, or positive LH depending on what you are charting). If the tests are positive, this is a good sign that your progesterone is high enough when implantation is most likely.

These tests are also useful for people with irregular cycles or tough cervical mucus patterns because they can help you know if you have indeed ovulated.

I highly recommend trying Proov if you are curious about your progesterone! For now, I have decided to make Proov a permanent part of my avoiding pregnancy fertility awareness routine.

Use this link for $5 off Proov.

One lined Proov tests are considered positive.

Published by Leslie Rewis

Hello! My name is Leslie. I'm from Alabama in the USA. I'm a fertility awareness educator and a body literacy advocate.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I reached out to Proov and they said they are in the process of changing the amount of Proov strips in each package. The coupon should work again when they finish 🙂


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