An Honest Review of Proov Progesterone Tests

Note: I use a fertility awareness based method known as the Billings Ovulation Method with additional hormonal crosschecks to avoid pregnancy. The product can be used for both trying to conceive and crosschecking with a standard fertility awareness based methods for avoiding pregnancy.

Are you interested in testing your progesterone at home?

Proov tests check levels of the hormone progesterone in the urine. This is a FDA approved product. People who are ovulating produce the hormone progesterone after ovulation. If you are a fertility awareness charter, you can use these tests to double check that ovulation has occurred along with your other fertility signs.

Here are a few links on recent studies so that you can be more informed about using this product:

Proov is Clinically Validated

Study on Urinary Hormones and Progesterone

Study on Proov Combined with Fertility Awareness Methods

Study on Combining Proov with Clearblue

I have been using Proov for a year and a half now. It gives me confidence in confirming ovulation when other signs may not be cooperating. The following charts display when I get my positive tests as someone who is currently trying to avoid pregnancy.

This is my Read Your Body chart. The blue squares represent days with cervical mucus in my fertile window leading up to ovulation. The yellow plus signs are for LH positives. The blue plus sign is for Proov test positives. On this chart, I got a positive LH (luteinizing hormone test) on Day 18 and a positive Proov test on Day 21.

My most common day to get my first positive Proov is approximately 3 to 5 days after a positive LH test. I love having Proov as a crosscheck so that I can have an extra way to confirm ovulation. I like having a ton of data in my fertility awareness routine. While there is currently no official protocol for confirming with Proov tests (I have heard Marquette has loose guidelines), there have not been known cases of false positives. You should still rely on your fertility signs in your rules while using Proov.

For those trying to conceive, the tests can be used around 7 to 10 days post ovulation (counting from peak day, temperature shift, or positive LH depending on what you are charting). If the tests are positive, this is a good sign that your progesterone is high enough when implantation is most likely.

I used it 7 to 10 days past my first positive ovulation test to see if my progestone levels were high enough in the last part of my cycle.

These tests are also useful for people with irregular cycles or tough cervical mucus patterns because they can help you know if you have indeed ovulated.

Occasionally, Proov has been a real game changer for me when it helped me confirm ovulation when other fertility signs were not lining up as well as they could be. The following example displays a really tough chart where Proov helped me be confident that ovulation had occurred, and that I was an infertile time of my cycle. The yellow plus sign below is for positive LH. The blue plus sign is for positive Proov tests.

In this Read Your Body chart, I experienced a cycle where my cervical mucus did NOT confirm ovulation. In addition, I was sick for a few days. This means my other signs were not as reliable as they could have been. In order to safely have unprotected sex, I cross check with LH and two Proov tests. Having two Proov tests positive in a row in correlation with LH meant that I did not have to abstain or use back up protection.

I highly recommend trying Proov if you are curious about your progesterone! For now, I have decided to make Proov a permanent part of my avoiding pregnancy fertility awareness routine.

Want to try Proov after reading my review? Please use this referral for $5 off Proov. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “An Honest Review of Proov Progesterone Tests

    1. Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I reached out to Proov and they said they are in the process of changing the amount of Proov strips in each package. The coupon should work again when they finish πŸ™‚


  1. I love Proov so much. I have PCOS and really tricky mucous patterns where I can’t always detect a clear peak (and I often get multiple “false” peaks). I love all the data I can get on my chart, too, and Proov is great for that extra confidence-boost that yes, you are in fact past ovulation! It helps give me total confidence that I’m in a “safe” infertile time/phase 3 when trying to avoid pregnancy πŸ™‚

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