Femtech and Discounts

As you probably know if you have read any of my previous critiques of Femtech, I am often wary of it. However, there are some devices and tools that I can 100% get behind because they allow user interpretation or are a part of a fertility awareness based method.

The following is a list of devices that can be used in concert with a fertility awareness based method.

The Mira Fertility Monitor is a new device that measures your hormonal levels to help you get pregnant. As far as I know, the Marquette method is working on including the monitor as an option to avoid pregnancy in the near future.

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The Tempdrop Thermometer is a wearable BBT that you can use to get accurate temperatures no matter your amount of wake times during the night. This is super useful for postpartum women!

Click here to read my Tempdrop Review.

Proov Test Strips are used to determine if your progesterone levels are high enough to sustain pregnancy and as an extra way to confirm ovulation for those avoiding pregnancy. I have personally used these as an extra layer of ovulation confirmation.

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Duvet Days produces beautiful drawings related to anatomy, women, and men. The project is for a good cause!

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Order some awesome period underwear from Tomboy! Use my code here to save $20 on your first order.

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