Interview With My Fertility Awareness Method Partner

There are many interviews with women online who use FAM, but there are not many resources interviewing the male partners of these women. What is online is mostly interviews with religious men. While this may be useful for religious folks, I think there needs to be more information from the secular side of things. In response to this need, I surveyed men and created this resource: Men and Fertility Awareness: Reflections and Resources. What follows below is an interview with my husband. We have successfully avoided pregnancy together with the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness since June 2016.

Q: How did you feel when you were first introduced to the idea of FAM?

I was excited to have a mathematical and scientific method to deduce ones fertility.

Q: How much did you know about this stuff before? How was your sexual education in school?

I had no idea fertility could be tracked through temperatures and cervical mucus. My sex education only involved the male body, and my sex ed teacher had to show us how to use a condom by rolling up a knee high sock.

 Q: Where do you fall on the intention scale? (click here for access to intention scale)

We are a TTA 4. We would be willing to get an abortion if there were a major health risk. My intention is to be with her, and a child is not a factor of my support. We are not trying to conceive and are currently avoiding pregnancy.

Q: How involved are you in charting? How has that changed from the beginning? How do you feel about how we currently handle the fertile window?

I am not involved in charting. I trust my wife who knows more than I do. I am satisfied completely. I have learned a lot since we began, and could help our future daughter with charting if need be.

Q: How long did it take you to trust FAM? What advice would give you to non charting partners?

I do not trust anything completely, but I trust my partner. What FAM offers is knowledge about the reproductive system, and a set of rules that allows for variances to be interpreted so that one can change their actions to increase or lower the risk of pregnancy. It offers several methods to prevent conception and a guideline of fertility to understand the best moments to conceive. FAM allows me to trust the educated decisions my partner and I make. It only works if it is correctly followed.

Q: How comfortable are you with FAM these days? If you have any remaining doubts, what would make you feel reassured?

I have been comfortable all along because I have been ready to accept responsibility for my actions. My comfortability with FAM is a direct response to my comfort with my partner. If I had doubts, it was relieved by understanding the method. All other methods require trust in the contraception or the technology. FAM prepares people to trust themselves and their knowledge