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Online Live Fertility Awareness Course March 20th and 21st at 7PM Central Time

I am offering a live #fertilityawarenesscourse in March. The course is from 7PM-8:30PM Central Time. The cost for 3 hours of a live #FAM class is only $50 USD per dating / partnered / married couple. ⁠⁠You will learn how to identify the types of cervical mucus, how cervical mucus keeps sperm alive, how to chart your basal body temperature, how to apply calculation rules, and how to chart to […]

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Why did I choose to become a fertility awareness instructor?

Why did I choose to become a fertility awareness educator? Fertility awareness is the sex education I wish I learned in middle school. When women actually learn how their fertility works, they learn that getting pregnant is not as easy as the drop of a hat. We learn to appreciate and live with rather than work against our fertility. Almost every person who I’ve seen read #takingchargeofyourfertility or take a […]

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My Experience Becoming a Certified Fertility Awareness Teacher

In early October 2019, I finished my double check sympto-thermal method teacher training through the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association (NFPTA). NFPTA is headquartered in England, but the organization certifies teachers internationally through an asynchronous online course. Women can certify alone, or they can certify with their spouse. The course is offered in celcius, but American teachers can chart their own cycles in farenheit. One of the things that makes […]

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An Honest Review of Pearl Fertility Kit

I tried the Pearl Fertility Kit. During my first kit, I got a little confused when the kit did not seem to line up with my fertility signs. However, I contacted Pearl Fertility and they were super helpful. They sent me another kit for free, and it worked perfectly when I tried it this last cycle. Pearl is a product marketing to women who are trying to conceive (TTC). The […]

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Interview With My Fertility Awareness Method Partner

There are many interviews with women online who use FAM, but there are not many resources interviewing the male partners of these women. What is online is mostly interviews with religious men. While this may be useful for religious folks, I think there needs to be more information from the secular side of things. In response to this need, I surveyed men and created this resource: Men and Fertility Awareness: […]

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Now Opening Enrollment For December 2019 Fertility Awareness Course

I am so excited to be offering this new course for those interested in learning the symptothermal method of fertility awareness. The method I teach is based on the rules studies by Sensiplan. You can read about this study here. I found fertility awareness after 7 years on the pill, and it really rocked my world. When I started practicing it myself, I realized that it was a grave injustice […]

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