Ready to learn FAM? Work with me!

***Currently in Billings Practicum, Next Class Likely Available in January 2021***

Ready to get started with the fertility awareness method? Need a private tutor to help you learn? Want someone to review your charts as you go?

Please contact me using the form below if you are interested in working with me. Be specific about what you are looking for and leave me your full name so that I know it isn’t spam.

Here’s what you need to work with me one-on-one :

  • Must be 18 years and older. You must be off of hormonal birth control (or in the process of coming off of it).
  • Must purchase a basal body temperature thermometer if planning on learning a symptothermal method.
  • Option for Chart Review #1: For cervical mucus only help, or for if you want to use this for chart review in conjunction with an app like Kindara, you may download NFP Charting ( This app is $20 for one year.  I can also mail you paper stickers and charts.
  • Option for Chart Review #2: If practicing a sympto-thermal method, must chart using the Read Your Body app from the Body Literacy Collective or keep a paper chart.
  • If avoiding pregnancy, must be willing to either practice abstinence or use a back up method of birth control (examples condoms, non-penis in vagina sex) while learning the method. This may take some time if you have long cycles or have not had return of menstruation post hormonal birth control use. Note, condoms or other barriers have their own efficacy rates. If you use them, you are relying on the condom/barrier and not the fertility awareness method. Click here for a useful chart of barriers and efficacy rates.
  • Must pay the price of the course. I accept payment plans or payment up front. The suggested one-time donation for 12 cycles of charting help is $250. Extra rates apply past the 12th month.
  • By taking my course, you acknowledge that you understand the efficacy of FAM and what role you and your partner play in that efficacy. We will discuss this in great detail before you use the method for pregnancy prevention. Any use of barrier methods in the fertile window (including condoms, withdrawal, diaphragms or any other penis in vagina barriers) means that you are outside of best practice for avoiding pregnancy. The method itself is 97.8% to 99% perfect use for Billings Ovulation Method and 99.6% for the double check sympto-thermal method.
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